my business cards

A while back I ordered some mini business cards from (apparently I'm obsessed with all things mini right now). is widely regarded as *the best* and with good reason, probably. In truth, I only ordered these because they kept emailing me about a sale, which really only saved me $5, and because I was feeling the pressure to have business cards. 

They came out super cute, and I do love them (especially the different back designs) but I've since ordered new business cards from (I used the affiliate link from elise's blog and saved some money) both for Scribble Tees and for personal use. They're somewhere in the printing/shipping process so I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

My business cards came in this cute box:


I used the letters I designed for the a to zany Scribble Tee for my name:

And hand drawn doodle-y patterns for the back!

All in all, I'd say they're pretty darn cute and I will continue to give these out (mostly to people I already know lol) even when I get my even newer ones.

emoji index

I, like most people living in the smart-phone/internet-culture-dominated world, am obsessed with emojis. So I started painting them. 

The regularity of this project is sporadic, to say the least, but there is a method. I use the Apple emoji designs, I paint them in the order which them appear on the official Unicode list, and I include in the painting the description that Unicode provides. When I post them to Instagram, I write some sort of personal interpretation of the emoji as the caption.

So far, I've painted/posted 6 of them. One day, in the distant future, when emojis are totally obsolete, I will have painted all 1,704 emojis (not including the new emojis that have yet to be officially released in an Apple update).

Here they are:

Glitter Obscuration

Made some more works on paper as part of my Glitter Obscuration series (formerly known as Glitter On The Surface). These are more clearly text-heavy, bolder in color, more deliberate than purely therapeutic exercises.

ONLY, 24"x18", marker, acrylic, glitter, and rhinestones on paper, 2015.

I'm still thoroughly enjoying this process as a liberation of my angst, but I'm getting sick of my own emotional ramblings (so you can only imagine how my closest friends must feel).

REDACTED, 24"x18", marker, acrylic, and glitter on paper, 2015.

Glitter on the surface

I’d been feeling some intense emotions lately, due to various goings-on in my life. Things that to other people are probably pretty ordinary but to me were dramatic. Because, like many people, I tend to overthink and overanalyze. 

But in all honesty, it wasn’t that I was having anxieties about things in my life. It was that I was getting anxious about NOT having anxieties. 

Either way, certain things were on my mind. They were all-consuming. I couldn’t focus on the book I was reading or the TV shows I was watching. So I opened my brand new sketchbook and started drawing and writing everything that came to mind. I filled up half a sketchbook within a few days, with mostly words.

THIS IS A DREAM, 18"x24", chalk pastel, oil pastel, crayon, colored pencil, and glitter on paper, 2015.

It turned out pretty fucking emo. And embarrassing. Some thoughts were blissfully happy — embarrassing. Some were intensely hopeless — embarrassing. For the record, that sketchbook is off limits to anyone’s eyes but my own until I’m dead.

But still, these feelings were my feelings. A good friend once told me, “you feel how you feel” and that is one of the most important truths I’ve ever heard.

Addicted to the satisfaction of drawing and writing purely from emotion, I wanted to turn my sketchbook scratchings into drawings on paper so I did

And it was therapeutic as hell. But then I was left with a Drawing with a capital D that I wanted no one to see. I barely wanted to look at it myself. My instinct when I finish a work of art is to share it on social media, but I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t stick it on my wall because someone would surely see. I couldn’t just get rid of it because it meant so much to me. 

I had these feelings that were only mine. (I am not one to keep my feelings to myself, so this was weird). And I couldn’t hide them because I had drawn them on paper.

DOES IT MATTER?, 9"x12", marker and glitter on paper, 2015.

So I did what any glitteraholic would do and covered it in glitter.

And sure, you can draw pretty literal analogies from this process. That we hide behind a façade of shiny, pretty things; that the world only sees the outer shell we put out. We only share what we choose to share, and for me, glitter is a solid metaphor for the happy, colorful person I put out to the world as myself.

And nothing’s perfectly hidden - you can put on a happy face but someone somewhere will see what’s underneath, just like this coat of glitter doesn’t cover everything, and over time will probably all fall off and reveal what it’s hiding.

I mean, these metaphors are pretty obvious.

UNTITLED, 24"x18", marker, chalk pastel, oil pastel, colored pencil, crayon, and glitter on paper, 2015.

But for someone like me, who will regularly tell all the details of my life to a wide circle of friends and usually has no shame in it, I like the idea of having some secrets all to myself. Only I know what’s underneath all that glitter, and that’s okay.

I don't always feel this intensely, but when I do, from now on, this is the best way for me to deal with it all. (Plus I have a lot of glitter that I need to use up.)