Robot Dinosaur Dance Party

Inspired in part by my past Halloween costumes (2014, 2012, and 2010, respectively) and by all the kids and kids-at-heart I have ever known, I'm launching a new brand called SCRIBBLE TEES.

A Scribble Tee is a t-shirt your kids (or you) can color yourself. You'll be able to buy just a shirt or a shirt with a set fabric markers that can either be gift-packaged (as shown) or standard-packaged.

Launching a business is a slow and scary process, but this one is on the fast(er) track thanks to appropriately/perfectly timed support from both my real parents (Mom and Dad) and the parents of the two kids I babysit (Naama and David).

This is all super exciting. Almost as exciting as a robot dinosaur dance party!

Expect the Etsy store to launch within the coming weeks. (And there will eventually be stuff for grown-ups too!)