small business

my business cards

A while back I ordered some mini business cards from (apparently I'm obsessed with all things mini right now). is widely regarded as *the best* and with good reason, probably. In truth, I only ordered these because they kept emailing me about a sale, which really only saved me $5, and because I was feeling the pressure to have business cards. 

They came out super cute, and I do love them (especially the different back designs) but I've since ordered new business cards from (I used the affiliate link from elise's blog and saved some money) both for Scribble Tees and for personal use. They're somewhere in the printing/shipping process so I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

My business cards came in this cute box:


I used the letters I designed for the a to zany Scribble Tee for my name:

And hand drawn doodle-y patterns for the back!

All in all, I'd say they're pretty darn cute and I will continue to give these out (mostly to people I already know lol) even when I get my even newer ones.